About us

The Budavári Fekete Kennel is the first Bolognese and Havanais kennel in Hungary. My name is Fekete Lajosné, and my husband name is Fekete Lajos. We brought the first Bologneses in 1984 onto Hungary, one Bolognese male, name Alex, with 1. No. pedigree, and one Bolognese female, name Alla with 2. No. pedigree. The first litter was born in 1986, and with this started the Bolognese breeding in Hungary. I have a female until a today's day. 1 litter is born at us in all years.

We brought the first Bichon havanais in 1988 onto Hungary, one Havanais male, name Dani ( black-silver colour ), with 1. No. pedigree, and two Havanais females, name Dorka ( silver colour ) with 2. No. pedigree, and name Alma ( beige colour ) with 3. No. pedigree. The first litter was born in 1996, and with this started the Bichon Havanais breeding in Hungary. We brought in two dogs from Netherlands in 1996. The Dutch shable colour male name is Maiden Effort's No Nonsens, and Dutch tricolor colour female name is Maiden Effort's Dandelion "Melody". Our kennel won the Breeder of the year title in 1998 beside more titles.

We love both Bichon's breed very much. Clever, playful, kind doggies. They adore their owner, long-lived. Our kennel currently 15-17 years old doggies live too.